Mike Rooney oil paintings
I love to paint. I love to capture the essence of a three dimensional scene in two dimensions. It's my passion.

I recall an early interest in art, beginning with drawing and painting as a child – a passion that has continued all my life.

A native of Alexandria, Va., I studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., before joining the armed forces. The Air Force brought me to eastern North Carolina in 1977 and after three years and a tour in Korea, I opened a sign business in Goldsboro, NC.

Though I made my living with a brush painting signs, my fine art interests took a backseat to building a business and raising a family.
I rediscovered my passion for painting after seeing California style impressionism in one of my surfing magazines. I was hooked. My previous style had been tight and realistic, but what I was seeing in the surf magazines left more to the viewers imagination.

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