Nell Chandler
I was a painter and a printmaker before I ever made jewelry. I fell in love with metal the first class I took. I eventually integrated the painting, the printmaking and metal fabrication into the work that I do today. My work has always been kind of narrative no what what medium I work in. I like it to tell a little story. I take a sheet of metal and draw pictures all over it with a permanent ink resist. I then etch the metal...just like printmaking. Instead of printing the plate, I saw out all the little pictures. After sawing, sanding, and filling each picture of object I arrange it on my jewelry to make a little story. After arranging the pieces, I solder each one onto sterling. After the jewelry has been cleaned and burnished, the liver of sulphur patina is applied. Then I take off parts of it to highlight the pictures.

It is love, joy, hope, understanding and empathy that I am trying to pass on through my work.

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