Fay Krapf
North Carolina Potter

After years of art, crafts, and ceramic pottery training in school and workshops, I began my first creative chapter as a potter in Maine in the 70's, with a working pottery studio, Frieden Dorf Pottery, and pottery apprentice program.  While my pottery was functional, I delighted in the art of the three-dimensional designs and the integration of form with decoration in all phases from soft clay to the glazing.

Moving to the NC in the early 90's, I focused on work in career coaching, helping people craft their work lives.  Seeking balance, I reconnected with my artistic creativity, fueled with the desire for artistic expression in art using acrylic, collage, watercolor, and in pottery.  "FAY pottery" as it is called.

With the pottery, I find deep satisfaction in watching the raw clay magically take form under my hands.  Then using altered form, carved line, and surface design; I integrate design with the functionality of usable wares.  Then out of the kiln-the test-which pieces have been touched with a magic all their own?

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North Carolina Potter

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