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Vicki Grant
Grant works in series, and two of her latest are the vessel series and "Windows to Earth." Sketching out designs, Grants carves them into the clay, adding textures and choosing colors.

Instead of glaze, she applies "layers and layers and layers of pigment." She often adds and arranges other elements into the piece. "I look at shape, texture, size, color. I'm inspired by natural pieces, like wood and stone," she said. Works in progress were embellished with such items as nautilus shells, driftwood, metal, lichen, a sea urchin, and even a bit of rust.

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Tile 003

Tile 004

Tile 006

Tile 007

Tile 008

Tile Green Hot Pink and Pearls

VG Quilted Whimsies 1 11095

VG Quilted Whimsies 11087

VG Vessel Icarus 11039

VG Windows to the Earth with Shell 11022 SOLD

VG Windows to the Earth Chambered Nautilus 11091 SOLD

VG Windows to the Earth City Scape 11094
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