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Hand crafted, hand thrown, hand built ceramics! Click on the image to see the pieces we have from a particular potter.

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Amy Lacombe Sculpture

Andree Richmond

Anna Bastida
Gems of the Earth
Made by Hand

Annette Libby

Anthony Stoneware
For the home and garden

Ashley Benton

Bill Campbell Pottery

Blessing Cups Goblets Communion Wine Accessories

Butterfield Pottery

Carolyn Curran Miniature Pots

Celebration Pottery by Janet and Michael Francoeur

Charlestowne Porcelaine

Cirrus Sculptures by Stephen Wise

Clayton Dickson Ceramic Toothbrush Holders

Dan Triece

Debra Thuss Polymer Clay Artist

Earth and Sky Pottery

Elizabeth Priddy

Fay Krapf
North Carolina Potter

Flambeaux by Bill Campbell

Fred Wiesener Clay Ladies

Geoffrey Lloyd

Ginnie Parrish

Hank Goodman

Holman Pottery

Jeffcoat Pottery

Jennifer Stas Pottery

Jerry and Kathy Chappelle

Jim and Shirl Parmentier

John Nickerson and Bob Brotherton

Judy Brown


Karen and Stephen Steininger

Laurie and Dan Hennig

Magyan Clay

Marie DuBois Pottery

North Carolina Pottery

Oxide Pottery

Pansy Rings

Patrick Meyer Pewter Glass and Porcelain
All items 40% Off!

PG Porcelain Lithopayne Nightlight

Prayer Towers by Holden McCurry


Ray Pottery

River Hill Pottery

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sandra McKenzie Schmitt

Sara Meadows Balloon People and Animals

Shayne Greco

Steve Fabrico

Sue Treuman

Teri Whitner


Vicki Grant

Vicki Sutton
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