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Peace Poles and Garden Art Poles by Stephanie Burgess Painted Peace
Peace Poles and Garden Art. Reproduced on PVC from Stephanie Burgess original art. All rights reserved, patent pending. These fabulous garden totems come with a stake that screws into the ground to anchor them in your garden. Or we also have a round base if you want to place them on a hard surface.  On our porch we have just attached it to the rail - love them!!

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Art Pole Believe PP236 20 inch

Art Pole Breathe PP235 20 inch

Art Pole Live PP237 20 inch

Peace Pole Peace Sign

Peace Pole 3 foot Dwell in Possibility PP222

Peace Pole 3 foot Gardening Food for the Soul pp223

Peace Pole 3 Foot Plant Happiness Art Pole PP226

Peace Pole 4 Foot Bright PP230

Peace Pole 4 foot Feed the Birds PP228

Peace Pole 4 foot May Peace Prevail Pole pp217

Peace Pole 4 foot Peace Its Simple pp216

Peace Pole 6 foot Deep Peace PP212

Peace pole 6 Foot Live Love Garden pp215

Peace Pole 6 foot May Peace Prevail Pole pp211

Peace pole 6 foot Peace Garden pp214

Peace Pole 6 Foot Snowmarker PP229

Peace Pole Birdhouse Friends PP232

Peace Pole Birdhouse Peace PP234

Peace Pole Birdhouse Welcome PP233

Peace Pole Patio Stand

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