Moving sand pictures
Moving Sand Pictures, Summer Turquoise liquid with black sand, green sands from South America, four types of white sands and green glitter. Or Sunset Orange with black sand, coral pink sand from Southern Utah, four types of white sands and copper glitter..

Air bubbles hold up the sand creating unique scenes with every turn, pictures may take from just minutes to many hours to finish a scene. The black sand is heavier than the white sands so the sands will never mix. Some of the sands are transparent and some opaque giving the pictures a 3-D effect.

Small 7 x 9 1/2" overall
Medium 7 x 12" overall
Large 9 x 12" overall
XL 8.5 x 16" overall
Your Choices:
Turquoise Small
Turquoise large
Sunset Orange small
Sunset Orange Large
Ocean Blue Small
Ocean Blue Large
Artic Glacier Small
Artic Glacier Large

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