Moonbird Pottery made in North Carolina
Moonbird Pottery Made in North Carolina. 
The Moonbird that rests on some of my ceramic pieces has had a long journey to its clay home.  When I began to teach my son how to draw birds I used to draw a bird on paper and we would tape it to a window in our home so the light would filter through it and he could place a piece of paper on top and trace it.  He did this for a little while, then he began to draw his own birds.  He drew this great, quirk,y little bird with long legs that looked very similar to the moonbird you see on my pottery today.  I loved the look of this bird so I decided to refine it a bit and use the design on my potttery.  After the first firing, I showed my son the finished product and he said "Mom, it looks like a moon and a bird.  It's a Moonbird."  So, it was settled Moonbird Pottery was born.

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